Giles Alexander

\ Represented by Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2017

Born 1975, UK
Lives and works in Sydney

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs

Giles Alexander probes space for meaning.

Giles Alexander’s work belongs to a long-standing academic tradition of virtuously handled oil paint and precise draughtsmanship, yet he stands aside from this, quite purposefully drawing attention to moments where he departs from tradition. This is not wilful contrariness: Alexander uses and refuses his polished aesthetic as another way of interrogating his world, provocatively challenging the established ‘norm’ and questioning all that we hold dear.

There is a visual pun in his paintings, turning on space as a crucial component of all painting and space, the final frontier. Alexander has always focused his attentions on real and imagined space, often drawing our attention to the shifting boundaries between the two. By suspending painstakingly created figurative elements within optically deep, resined backgrounds the artist successfully conjures an alternative space in the picture plane, generating ambiguity and mystery.

Journeying through fine layers of paint the viewer notices a deep, mirror-like resin veils the image. A paradox of space and surface arises through awareness both of infinite depth and the presence of one’s own reflection.

Religious buildings are designed to lead us in, amplify our sense of experience and heighten belief. Alexander’s paintings operate on the same principle, drawing us in and urging us to go deeper into the architecture of the universe.

Alexander’s faultless execution pays homage to the master masons and artisans of religious antiquity. Ultimately the work questions exactly what it is we are worshiping.

VIEW Channel 9 News footage aired on 22 October 2016 featuring Giles Alexander's life size portrait of a Rolls Royce Phantom commissioned by Sydney-based owner of three of these magnificent automobiles.


\ Artworks

356 Speedster Fossil

2016 \ Oil on raw linen \ 132x244cm


Allegory for a Sentinal Species

2017 \ Oil on raw linen \ 170 x 300cm

D-type Fossil

2016 \ Oil and resin on board \ 20x25cm


Folly Expired

2017 \ Oil on raw linen \ 132 x 244cm



2012 \ Oil and resin on polyester \ 105x65cm

Gullwing Fossil

2016 \ Oil and resin on board \ 30x24cm


Home? #10

2013 \ Oil and resin on polyester \ 150x93cm

Homeless? #07

2011 \ Oil and resin on polyester \ 105x65cm

I'm out here a thousand miles from my home

2015 \ Oil and resin on board \ 60cm diameter


Landscape Painting 12

2017 \ Oil and resin on aluminium \ 180x170cm


Masking Mortality

2013 \ Oil and resin on polyester \ 105x65x10cm


Mini Fossil

2016 \ Oil and resin on board \ 25x20cm


Portal III

2015 \ Oil and resin on board \ 60cm diameter

Portal IV

2015 \ Acrylic and resin on board \ 30cm round

Portrait Painting #01

2011 \ Oil and resin on polyester \ 105x65cm

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NH Event

Visit us at Sydney Contemporary - Stand G01, 7-10 September

9 August 2017

Nanda\Hobbs is excited to present five of our outstanding artists at the 2017 Sydney Contemporary for 7-10 September. Giles Alexander, Nicholas Blowers, James Drinkwater, Louis Pratt and Paul Ryan will be exhibiting their latest work at Stand G01. 

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6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Giles Alexander


12 May — 31 May 2016

Sydney Contemporary

Giles Alexander, Louis Pratt, Robert Doble & The Connor Brothers

10 September — 13 September 2015

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Giles Alexander

Bruno's Dream

13 February — 14 April 2014

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