George Gittoes Artist Talk & Exhibition

Tuesday, 23 May

6 - 8 pm

Level 1, 66 King Street (cbd) Sydney, NSW 2000


While making his latest film, a Virtual Reality called 'Fun Fair Jalalabad', Gittoes began a new series of paintings which he is calling his "Black Paintings" . They were painted on the rooftop studio of the Jalalabad Yellow House (see photo) directly under the fight path of American Attack helicopters and unmanned drones. Gittoes believes the election of President Trump has issued in a new era requiriing Gittoes' significant re-visioning of the world similar to the dark, late works of Goya.  

Join George Gittoes and Ralph Hobbs for an open discussion about the work on Tuesday 23 May, 6-8 pm. 

The "Black Paintings" will be on display at Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary for three days coinciding with the Sydney Writer's Festival—from 22 - 24 May. 

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Level 1 66 King Street Sydney, NSW 2000
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