Louis Pratt Exhibition Opening | Doppelgänger

Thursday, 26 July

6 - 8pm

12-14 Meagher Street Chippendale, NSW 2008

Join Louis Pratt and Nanda\Hobbs for the opening of Doppelgänger on Thursday 26 July, 6-8pm

Louis Pratt’s Doppelgänger explores ideas around what happens to us as we enter into and emerge from digital spaces. Although a doppelgänger is often seen as a harbinger of bad luck, Pratt’s work is not a judgement or a warning. It is an invitation to meditate not only on the impact of technology, but on our own humanity; its limitations and the emerging possibilities as we continue to shift, change and expand. 

Doppelgänger runs to 11 August.

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12 - 14 Meagher Street Chippendale, NSW 2008
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