Andrew McIlroy

Born 1966
Lives and works in Melbourne

Artist's CV

In appropriating the sublime and adopting familiar and vibrant imagery, I hope to tantalise and engage with a contemporary audienceperhaps in an unprecedented wayevoking their own cherished childhood memories, shared experiences and heart-stopping moments.

Andrew McIlroy belongs to a new wave of highly regarded Australian Romantic artists.  If his expressive seascapes with tumultuous seas and stormy skies were but elemental paintings, they could be viewed as outward-looking, non-sensual depictions of nature. However, there is something deeper going on: his paintings are evocative visions that are deeply felt and imbued with personal experiences.

McIlroy’s composition and palette capture the artist’s mood, whereby he evokes a strong sense of emotion, illuminating the ever-present forces of nature.

\ Artworks

Across the Shallow

2013 \ Oil on linen \ 140 x 118cm


Ellenborough Falls

2020 \ Oil on linen \ 112 x 117cm \ Finalist, The Kings Art Prize 2020

Huon River, Tasmania

2017 \ Oil on linen \ 118x140cm


That bring the fog and mist

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 152x183cm


The air is cut away

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 117x112cm


\ Exhibitions featuring Andrew McIlroy

9 x 5"

Group Exhibition

22 January — 6 February 2021


Group Exhibition

16 December 2020 — 16 January 2021

Summer Show

Group Exhibition

5 December — 22 December 2018

Summer Exhibition

Group Exhibition

6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Andrew McIlroy

South Wind

10 March — 21 March 2016

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Andrew McIlroy


26 September — 11 October 2013

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