Anthony White

Born 1976, Sydney
Lives and works in Paris

Artist's CV

Anthony White uses landscape and architectural references to work across disciplines of drawing, painting and collage.

Increasingly the artist is exploring the intersection of historical and current social issues and how they relate to the production of contemporary image making. 

White's works are often characterised by an awareness of surface and a preoccupation with the engagement of physicality and the found object. During 2015 the Pentimento body of work explore the direct working method of the Italian concept of Pentimenti Pentimento draws it’s name from the Italian Pentimenti. This phrase, which is used to describe a direct method of  layering, concealement, or changes to a work of art, which allows multitudinous readings, as one descends through different layers of the painterly surface

French techniques of indirect paper-based working methods – decollage and dechirage – which translate as ‘taking off’ and ‘tearing.’ The methods of decollage and dechirage were utilised by the early Affichistes in Paris. The Affichistes movement during the 1950’s were Raymond Hains and Jacques Villegle named for their work with collages of torn-up poster fragments. 

These physical experimentations have been utilised in recent collages from 2016. An investigation into dissent as an act of social disobedience was explored by White in the Melbourne exhibition As The Sleeper Wakes 2016. Utilising salvaged Paris metro subway advertisements the artist created collaged composition. Originally acting as a form of mass media they existed as a form of communication in a public space. Often they become vandalised and half torn down, tagged with gestural lines and people’s marks, these ‘affiches’ now become a more personal form of communication.  This body of work investigates ideas about the origin of the gestural line, and its original role as a form of dissent – essentially a form of social communication. These personal voices of dissent, reflect the broader voice of the public in regard to social problems. By dwelling on the pictorial forms inspired by the constant state of flux of these subterranean advertisements White finds fertile ground to draw upon for his contemporary forms of drawing and painting.

Anthony White has exhibited widely over the past decade with solo shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Hong Kong. White has also been regularly curated into group exhibitions focusing on Contemporary Painting in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, Paris and Brisbane. 

White has been awarded a number of international commissions and residencies, which have reportedly been influential in developing his body of work, surveyed in his solo exhibition at Le Pave D’Orsay, Paris (2014). 


\ Artworks

As the Sleeper Wakes II

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 122 x 122.5cm



2016 \ Oil on linen \ 94.5 x 94cm

Ghost Series IX

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 46 x 91.5cm

Ghost Series VIII

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 91.3 x 91cm

Ghost Series XII

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 91.6 x 122.5cm

Ghost Series XIII

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 90.5 x 90.5cm

Ghost Series XIV

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 107 x 107cm

Ghost Series XV

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 128.5 x 68.2cm

Ghost X

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 91.5 x 50.5cm

New Colossus

2018 \ Oil and ripolin on board \ 126.5 x 96cm, framed

Raoul Bay

2020 \ Oil on linen \ 91 x 91.5cm


2016 \ Oil on linen \ 150 x 120cm

The Apparatus III (In The Penal Colony)

2019 \ Oil on linen \ 150 x 120cm


The Hall of the Atlas II

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 121 x 76cm

Towards Mount Warning

2018 \ Oil and ripolin on linen \ 150 x 120cm

federation peak

2020 \ Oil on linen \ 150 x 120cm

\ News


Anthony White—Talk at National Library of Australia

5 August 2022

Paris based artist and Creative Arts Fellow at the National Library, Anthony White will speak about his investigations into the Sidney Nolan collection relating to the creation of the Eureka Stockade mural commissioned by the Reserve Bank on 11 August.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Anthony White

Anthony White


25 August — 31 August 2022

9 x 5"

Group Exhibition

22 January — 6 February 2021


Group Exhibition

16 December 2020 — 16 January 2021


Group Exhibition

10 September — 15 September 2019

Spring Collector Exhibition

Group Exhibition

11 September — 6 October 2018

Anthony White

Sign of Civilisation

5 April — 21 April 2018

Summer Exhibition

Group Exhibition

6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Anthony White

Crossing the Rubicon

20 September — 30 September 2016

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