Adam Nudelman

Born 1967
Lives and works in Victoria

Artist's CV

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Nudelman bridges the divide between the centuries of landscape painting. Without aesthetic trickery, he relies on a vision and technique so pure it places him at the forefront of his generation in this genre in Australia.

Adam Nudelman completed his studies at the Victorian College of the Arts in 1994 and embarked on an artistic journey of landscape painting in the tradition of the Heidelberg School and the Antipodean movement.

Nudelman's technique is highly refined and methodical, allowing him to render form and perceived light with relative ease. Complex structures placed in an otherwise romantic landscape are one striking feature of his work.

Transposing the realms of picture-making, Nudelman has engaged in issues of cultural heritage and identity while making poignant reference to the plight of his Jewish forebears. While it is challenging  to explore themes of displacement and neo-colonisation without resorting to clichéd imagery, Nudelman's works speak of very human experiences without referencing the reflexive figurative lexicon. The paintings are contemporary allegories.

\ Artworks

Beyond the Turn

2013 \ Oil on canvas \ 45.8x38cm

Every Point of Refuge 1

2016 \ mixed media sculpture (wood, clay, metal and paint) \ (h)38x(w)22x(d)22cm

Gate at lake Augusta

2012 \ Oil on Panel \ 25x36cm

It Leaves by the Light of Day

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 71x60.5cm

It's a Denial Who Would Refuse

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 141x250cm


The Air That I Breathe

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 71x60.5cm

When all the world's asleep

2013 \ Oil on canvas \ 45.8x61cm


When evening falls so hard

2012 \ Oil on Canvas \ 94x68cm

Whose Needs Do We Serve

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 112x168cm


\ Exhibitions featuring Adam Nudelman

Adam Nudelman

Anything Just to Belong

10 February — 26 February 2016

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Adam Nudelman

All those things we are

19 January — 6 February 2015

Adam Nudelman

In our private universe

7 March — 22 March 2013

Adam Nudelman

38 Weeks to Settlement

17 November — 2 December 2011

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