Nanda\Hobbs proud to host Cure Cancer Australia Collaboration's inaugural event

16 November 2015

“As the first event of its kind for Cure Cancer Australia, it provided guests not only with an exclusive opportunity to meet Matthew Quick and see his award winning exhibition, but an avenue to encourage a Cure Cancer Alumni researcher to come out of the lab and reinforce the importance of sustainable funding for our brilliant emerging researchers. We look forward to having the opportunity to showcase our alumni in monthly Cure Cancer Collaboration events in 2016” Floyd Larsen, Chief Executive Officer of Cure Cancer Australia

On Wednesday, 11 November 2015, Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary proudly hosted an intimate and exclusive event with Cure Cancer Australia through the Cure Cancer Collaboration highlighting the work of award-winning artist and melanoma survivor Matthew Quick.

Thirty guests were treated to a private viewing of Matthew Quick’s exhibition Based on a True Story—a body of work from his acclaimed Monumental Nobodies series—and the launch of his book, which celebrates 10 years of his exceptional work. Dr Kimberley Beaumont, a former Cure Cancer Australia’s grant recipient, addressed guests on the night about the importance of supporting Australia’s emerging cancer researchers and provided insight into the world of Melanoma research. 

In its inaugural year, the Cure Cancer Collaboration is an alliance of like-minded philanthropists who invest a minimum of $1000 annually to support Australia's brightest emerging cancer researchers. With fewer than 2 out of 10 cancer research projects funded, the future of cancer research is under threat. The Cure Cancer Collaboration ensures our talented researchers have the vital funding needed to continue their search for a cure for cancer.


Cure Cancer leads the way in funding emerging cancer research.

We fund the research stars of tomorrow who are fearless in their pursuit of innovation and the development of ground-breaking ideas.  Our fifty years of experience tells us that this is where our work will have the greatest impact. We’ve awarded over 460 grants to over 300 researchers who have achieved significant discoveries in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many cancers. We fund research into all types of cancer because we want to see an end to them all. Curing cancer is an enormous task - one that cannot be achieved by researchers alone. It demands the collective dedication, passion and willingness of every one of us to help find a cure.

Our researchers are investing their skills in our future. We need to invest in theirs.  If you’re able, we welcome your support, as do the researchers whose life saving work we fund. 

Cure Cancer’s Principal Supporter is The Can Too Foundation.

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Gems from the Stockroom

22 November 2017

When a gallery moves there are always hidden gems in the storage racks. We are excited to have found a number of terrific artworks that have rocketed back to our attention.

Due to space restrictions in Chippendale - We have decided that its time for these pieces to find a new home.

View the catalogue then contact us to find out just how generous
we are feeling...

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James Drinkwater collaborates with boutique fashion label Alpha60

7 November 2017

James Drinkwater has created a body of work inspired by his travels to French Polynesia for boutique Melbourne fashion label, Alpha60.

The designers, Georgie and Alex Cleary along with James will be joined by Wendy Whiteley who will wear a custom-made ensemble at the launch on Wednesday in Alpha60's Chapter House space in Melbourne.

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