Jody Graham

Lives and works in Sydney

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For Sydney artist Jody Graham, mark making is paramount. The artist abandons traditional drawing and painting techniques in search for new methodologies. In a meditative process, Graham circumnavigates her surrounds, collecting found objects to imprint her marks. By challenging preconceived ideas about how marks should be made, Graham allows for a more immersive and organic creative experience. The culmination of this unique practice is a raw and honest body of work which speaks of the natural world.

Graham has enjoyed success as the winner of the Greenway Art Prize in 2017 and 2020, and has been a finalist in numerous major painting and drawing prizes including the Blake Prize, the Plein Air Painting Prize at the Parliament of NSW and the Dobell Drawing Prize. Graham’s works are held in many national public and private collections as well as private collections in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and New Zealand.

\ Artworks


2021 \ Charcoal from 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires & Compressed charcoal, pastel, natural ochre on paper \ Paper size: 160 x 114cm

Eagle Eyes

2021 \ Charcoal, tree sap, natural ochre from 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires, ink, compressed charcoal and handstiching with twine on paper \ Paper size: 78 x 201cm

Grass fire I

2021 \ Charcoal from 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires fires and natural clay earth ochre \ Paper size: 120cm x 114cm \ Framed size: 131 x 124cm


2024 \ Charcoal on paper, framed \ 76 x 56cm

Soaring - Red-tail Vim

2024 \ Ink, acrylic, charcoal & pastel on paper \ 150 x 100cm

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Jody Graham


9 April — 27 April 2024

Jody Graham


27 February — 18 March 2023

Jody Graham

Somewhere to land

26 May — 5 June 2021

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