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The Art Guide Series - Edition 1

Starting an Art Collection

Short, sharp e-publications designed to build your art market knowledge and help you start or expand your collection. Discover the 5 key criteria that make an artist collectible; how to navigate the Indigenous art market—and much more.

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The Art Guide Series - Edition 2

How The Art Market Works

This guide explains how the art market works. We outline the two sides of the market (primary and secondary) and define the role of the main protagonists—galleries, dealers, art consultants and auction houses. We give tips on how to buy at auction and explain the complex process of determining artwork pricing, both for the primary and secondary market.

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By Søren Solkær Starbird
Foreword by Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand, 2012, Ginko Press, USA, ISBN: 978-1-58423-402-9
Paperback, 240 pages. 

This new, revised edition of CLOSER contains up-to-the-minute photographs of artists such as David Lynch, Dizzee Rascal, The Dead Weather and an additional eight pages of content.

Over the past decade, Søren Starbird has captured breathtaking photographs of the world's leading musicians. CLOSER collects the work of this talented Danish lensman who has risen to astronomical heights in the world of international photography.

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Unfinished Journey

Written by Ken McGregor
2006, MacMillan Art Publishing, Melbourne ISBN: 1876832770
Hardcover—223 pages, colour illustrations, 35cm

As a sequel to William Creek and Beyond, Unfinished Journey features thirteen artists travelling to destinations of their choice, to create new works based on their experiences. Including a diverse group of artists and interesting destinations, the results are startling. 

Tim Storrier travels to Kenya and Tanzania, Fred Cress to France, and Anthony Lister goes to Berlin. Each chapter details newly-created work and is accompanied by an informative essay on the artists’ experiences..

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Tim Storrier Moments

Written by Edmund Capon, Ken McGregor, William Wright, Jenny Zimmer
MacMillan Art Publishing, ISBN: 9781921394140
Hardcover—332 pages. Colour images

Edmund Capon, former Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, has observed that Tim Storrier's 'visions and sensibilities are acute responses to his place, to the flat landscape of Australia in which the horizon is low and the sky is vast.' But Storrier's treatment of the landscape is quite uniqueoften animated by a blazing fire-line or used as a stage-set for capturing memories and intimations of human mortality. This 332 page, large-format volume reproduces Storrier's paintings, drawings, photographs, and constructions on a huge scale.

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Robert Doble Gridlocked

ISBN: 978-0-9923363-4-9

Gridlocked by Robert Doble was exhibited at Art Equity, Sydney 25 June - 9 July 2015.

36 page full colour catalogue with an exhibition essay titled Boogie Woogie Recognition - A Morse Code of Rythm by Ashley Crawford.

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Matthew Quick Based on a True Story

Produced by Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary. Written by Dr Shireen Huda. Introduction by Ralph Hobbs
ISBN: 978-978-0-646-943
Hardback, 144 pages. 

This full-colour, hardback monologue was released in conjunction with the Matthew Quick exhibition Based on a True Story at Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary in November 2015.

'Matthew Quick's talent extends beyond his exquisite rendering of form in paint. One of the hsarpest intellects in Australian art, Quick's inquiring mind, his ability to reconstruct an dmorph imagery to fit his ideological take, and the leavening of his wit makes him a formidable iconoclast.' Ralph Hobbs

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