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The art world is an extraordinary place—dynamic, stimulating, evolving. That’s why we love it.

Nanda\Hobbs wants your engagement with art to be satisfying and rewarding in as complete a way as possible. That's why our services range from portfolio management, fine art valuations and art rental, through to gallery hire. We can even help you earn income from your art. Along the way we provide art-education opportunities.


Our education seminars are informative and entertaining. We cover the nuts and bolts of the art market, provide pointers and key indicator information and show you how to start a collection. Many collectors, both private and corporate, also join the private tours of major institutional exhibitions hosted by Nanda\Hobbs.

Art Rental

Nanda\Hobbs has the most comprehensive collection of artworks available for corporate rent in Australia. From emerging artists to blue-chip icons we can customise a collection to enhance your space. Renting art costs a fraction of full ownership and the payments are tax deductible. VISIT N\H ART RENTAL

Art Income

Nanda\Hobbs provides an established structure that enables you to earn income from your art collection. We can recommend an artwork or customise a collection that will appeal to our extensive corporate network for display in foyers, meeting rooms and offices. We then manage the rental process on your behalf while you enjoy the income generated by your asset.

Fine Art Valuations

Nanda\Hobbs provides a licensed valuation service. We offer fully confidential valuation services for any size of collection, from single items to significant public and/or private collections.

If you require a valuation please print and complete this VALUATION REQUEST document and email to info@nandahobbs.com or fax to 02 8203 1420.

Art Investment

Over the past decade, art investment has seen a new class of investor emerge. Spectacular results have been achieved at auction and records set for numerous artists and genres.

At the heart of selecting our artists is an understanding of what makes each distinctive and, ultimately, collectible.

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