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Melbourne and London

Artist's CV

Peta O’Brien, originally from Melbourne, moved to London in 1985, where she embarked on a career as a food stylist, organic model maker and facilitator of art related projects.

She has always worked as a practicing artist, concentrating on the visual arts with an emphasis on photography and hand built ceramics.

A lifelong interest in art has informed her practice; she has travelled extensively and worked in many countries completing industry related commissions.

Attention to detail has been the driving force behind her award-winning innovative work, which often incorporates minute levels of detail. She continues to explore the avant-garde connections between science and technology and has collaborated internationally with photographers, directors, artists and filmmakers and has frequently lectured about her practice.

O’Brien has been profiled in food and culture journal The Gourmand - under the title, ‘Tools of her Trade’ and a short film was also made about her multi-disciplinary work, titled ‘Detail is Everything’.

She is an avid collector of contemporary art and has curated a number of exhibitions, and facilitated the publication of many art related catalogues and books.

A D A P T or P E R I S H is Peta O’Brien’s second exhibition in Australia, one dedicated solely to ceramics.

\ Artworks

Belly 1

2020 \ Stoneware clay \ 28(H) x 15(W)cm

Belly 3

2019 \ Stoneware clay \ 26(H) x 15.5(W)cm


Celo 1

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 27(H) x 23(W) x 12(D)cm

Celo 2

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 24(H) x 17(W) x 14(D)cm

Celo 3

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 27(H) x 23(W) x 12(D)cm

Copia 1

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 28.5(H) x 23(W)cm

Copia 2

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 29(H) x 24(W)cm


Finn 2

2020 \ Stoneware clay \ 16(H) x 12(W)


Stipple 1

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 33(H) x 22W) x 20(D)cm


Stipple 2

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 42(H) x 21(W) x 18(D)cm

Totem 1

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 38(H) x 15W)cm

Undulation 1 with hole

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 29(H) x 19W) x 11(D)cm

Undulation 2 with hole

2021 \ Stoneware clay \ 31(H) x 14(W) x 13(D)cm

Vessel 2

2020 \ Stoneware clay \ 15.5(H) x 11.5(W)cm

Vessel 3

2020 \ Stoneware clay \ 12(H) x 8(W)cm

Vessel 5

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 15(H) x 8(W)cm


Vessel 6

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 21.5(H) x 8(W)cm

Vessel 8 + Vertebrae 1

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 31(H) x 15(W)cm + 6(H) x 8(W)cm

Vessel 9

2022 \ Stoneware clay \ 20(H) x 5.5(W)cm

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NH Event

POB Peta O'Brien presents A D A P T or P E R I S H

9 November 2022

Peta O’Brien’s (aka POB) exhibition, A D A P T or P E R I S H, is the multi-disciplinary artist’s second exhibition in Australia, and the first dedicated solely to ceramics. It is a deeply personal body of work—an emotional response to a recent transitional period in her life.

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(POB) Peta O'Brien


9 November — 26 November 2022

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