Stewart Hoosan

Born 1951
Lives and works in Gangalida, Gulf Region, NT

His cross-cultural influences from traditional to the white world has given Hoosan a perspective that is unique to this landscape and has been recognised by institutional collectors.

Stewart  Hoosan is an Australian artist whose work features the stunning landscapes of the Gulf country of Queensland and the Northern Territory. He has an intimate knowledge of the land he paints, having worked there as a stockman since the age of nine.

Hoosan is a Ganggalida man from Borroloola in the Northern Territory. His paternal grandfather was Ali Hussin, a cameleer from Central Australia, recorded on government documents as being born in Aden, "British Egypt", around 1864.  His maternal grandfather was Yarriyarri, a Garrwa man who "grew up" young Stewart at Calvert Hills Station. Yarriyarri walked his grandson through the country and told him the stories associated with the land.  The old man painted on the walls of caves and on rock overhangs with his grandson by his side.

From the age of nine Hoosan worked as a stockman at Calvert Hills, Robinson River, Greenbank and Mallapunyah Springs in the Northern Territory, and Floraville Downs in Queensland.

In 1966, he moved to the Kimberley region where he encountered Aboriginal rock art featuring the mysterious ¹wandjina figures.  Hoosan was fascinated by the wandjinas and determined that one day, he, too, would paint.

Hoosan is ²Junggayi (ceremonial "manager") for the country of his mother and her parents.
  He paints the big country belonging to the Garrwa people. His respect for his country is the foundation for his art.  He is a careful and mesmeric painter.  He finds the detail in a waterhole, a cave or a small delicate tree against the vastness of the land.  The depiction of place, the vitality of colour and the abundance of life in his landscapes represent the law and culture and are a celebration of it. His cross cultural influences from traditional to the white world has given Hoosan a perspective that is unique to this landscape and has been recognised by institutional collectors.

Stewart Hoosan's work is included in some of the most important
  Australian and international collections including Art Gallery of New South Wales, Kerry Stokes Collection, Artbank, Levi-Kaplan Collection, Seattle USA. His work has been exhibited extensively throughout Australia as well as in London.

¹WANDJINA is a supreme creation being. A symbol of fertility and rain found only in the Kimberly Region.
²JUNGGAYI relates to land interests and associated decision making and cerimonial responsibilities with the land. Usually derived from mothers father or fathers mother.

\ Artworks

Dulkurrina AESH3874KB

Acrylic on linen \ 160x200cm


Code: AEKB1973KB \ Acrylic on linen \ 127x165cm


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Group Exhibition

12 February — 20 February 2015

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