Brett Whiteley & Francis Bacon

9 March — 19 March 2022

Brett Whiteley is an iconic figure in Australian art history. Prodigiously talented across a range of media, his artistic enquires knew no boundaries. Whiteley became famous for many reasons beyond his art and was followed with a rockstar fervour by an adoring public.

Since his untimely death in 1992, his work has sat atop of the Australian secondary art market. Collections—public and private—continue to seek out works. Through all the collective desirability of his oeuvre, one needs to look past the hype of the auction records to the fundamental elements that made the artist so good. Whiteley possessed an ability to draw with extraordinary passion. His line was effusive—at times flamboyant—yet always articulated his subliminal desires. The artist possessed a bowerbird-like ability to bring together disparate elements and influences and make them work within a picture plane. He was an artist who could absorb ideas and aesthetic sensibilities from history, yet, somehow make his own visual language. He would acknowledge the past, yet, always be part of the future and his resulting work was undeniably original.

His travels across the world opened the Sydney-born artist to personal contact with some of the greats of the cultural world. One who would leave an indelible mark was the seminal British painter, Francis Bacon. Regarded as one of the most prominent figures in British art, there is no doubt that Bacon intrigued Whiteley. The two artists knew each other in London, and Bacon, realising the younger man’s talent, encouraged the expressive qualities in the Australian’s work. Both artists walked the tightrope of extraneous demons that would invariably find location in their work. Aesthetically, the bond between the two is manifested in a lineal ability to create pictorial space without falling into the illustrative 

This intimate exhibition acknowledges the individual vision and uniqueness of each artist whilst allowing their collective mystic to permeate the psyche of the audience.


Ralph Hobbs
March, 2022

\ Exhibition featured works

Brett Whiteley

(The Orange) Fruit Dove in Clark Park

1980 \ Two colour screenprint \ F. 76 x 53cm \ Edition 2 / 50

Brett Whiteley

Berber Woman, Harar Ethiopia

1974 \ Pen, brush and black ink and collage on paper \ F. 136 x 86cm

Provenance: Acquired from the artist, private collection, Melbourne. Thence by descent, private collection, Melbourne.

Brett Whiteley

Divided Unity

1974 \ Screenprint \ 66.5 x 93.5cm \ 2 Editions available: 48 / 70 + 59 / 70

Brett Whiteley

Humming Bird

1988 \ Cast bronze \ 105 x 88 x 5cm \ Edition of 9

Provenance: Whiteley Estate, Private collection Melbourne

Brett Whiteley

Lavender Bay in the Rain

1987 \ Screenprint \ F. 134.5 x 104.5cm \ AP (Edition of 75)


Brett Whiteley

Palm Tree 1

1975 \ Screenprint \ 81 x 59.5cm \ Edition 14 / 50

Brett Whiteley

Poem for a Lover

1988 \ Screenprint \ F. 126 x 116cm \ AP (Edition of 80)

Provenance: Private collection Sydney

Brett Whiteley

Poem for a Lover

1988 \ Screenprint \ 77.2 x 79.5cm \ Edition 27 / 80

Brett Whiteley

Silver Eye

1988 \ Colour screenprint \ F. 117 x 107cm \ Edition 15 / 75


Brett Whiteley

Swing Monkey II

1965 \ Colour screenprint \ 81 x 59.5cm

Brett Whiteley

Swing Monkey III

1965 \ Colour screenprint \ F. 87.5 x 66.5cm \ Edition size 14/50

Brett Whiteley

The Fish River

1979 \ Synthetic polymer paint, gouache and ink on paper with 23 carat gold water gilded frame \ F. 43 x 31cm

Provenance: Private collection, United States of America, acquired directly from the artist. Private collection

Brett Whiteley

The Lovers

1975 \ Screenprint \ 50 x 63cm \ Available editions: 68/75, 67/75, 70/75 and 69/75

Brett Whiteley

Towards Sculpture 5

1977 \ Lithograph \ F. 124.5 x 97cm \ Edition 1 / 50


Francis Bacon

Triptych after Triptych 1983

1983 \ Lithograph \ Each Panel F. 92 x 73cm \ Edition: 74/180

Provenance: Private collection Sydney SOLD

\ Installation Photo

\ Installation photo

\ News



9 March 2022

We are thrilled to present a beautiful and intimate collection of artworks by Brett Whiteley and Francis Bacon—featuring sculpture, painting, drawing and printworks. The exhibition acknowledges the individual vision and uniqueness of each artist whilst allowing their collective mystic to permeate the psyche of the audience.

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