Anthony White


25 August — 31 August 2022

Born 1976, Sydney
Lives and works in Paris

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Anthony White's latest body of work Ghost Series is a fascinating journey into the power of abstract painting.  Created in his studio outside Paris post covid lockdown, the artist draws on his response to the natural world whilst subliminally overlaying broader social events—both contemporary and historical. 

White is deeply humanist in all aspects of his practice. The intensity of his vision reveals itself through the intertwining and deceptively simple morphing colour forms.  The translucent coloured glazes of ribboned paint twist throughout the picture plain reminding us of the importance of colour and colour relationships—the way we feel things beyond the purely analytical.

Anthony White is currently exhibiting his first museum show titled Mobilising Material at the renowned Mark Rothko Centre in Latvia. The artist’s career as a significant and important emerging abstractionist in Europe is gaining momentum.

\ Exhibition featured works

Anthony White

Ghost Series IX

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 46 x 91.5cm

Anthony White

Ghost Series VIII

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 91.3 x 91cm

Anthony White

Ghost Series XII

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 91.6 x 122.5cm

Anthony White

Ghost Series XIII

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 90.5 x 90.5cm

Anthony White

Ghost Series XIV

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 107 x 107cm

Anthony White

Ghost Series XV

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 128.5 x 68.2cm

Anthony White

Ghost X

2022 \ Acrylic and flashe on linen \ 91.5 x 50.5cm

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