Art Critic John McDonald praises James Rogers survey show

22 September 2020

SMH Art Critic John McDonald gave a rave review of James Rogers mid-career survey exhibition at Drill Hall Gallery in Canberra in a full page article for Spectrum.

"James Rogers is always a standout in Sculpture by the Sea; his new show is a revelation" 

"When one pauses to reflect on the housr of hard labour that have gone into the cutting, welding and crafting of Rogers' sculptures, it's amazing how lively they feel. The pain has been burnt away, leaving onlye the pleasure, and that sensation is ours to share"

Tunnelvision is at the Drill Hall Gallery, Australian National University, Canberra, until September 27.



Exciting Australian art to buy for your home | The Australian 13/01/21

13 January 2021

50 works by 50 artists — all for sale. Presenting The Australian’s inaugural summer exhibition, a showcase of the most exciting young Australian artists working today. By Amy Campbell.

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Tom Adair covers Good Weekend's "52 Weekends Away" — SMH and The Age

16 November 2020

Weekender by Melbourne artist Tom Adair was featured on the cover of the Good Weekend's 52 Weekends Away issue in the SMH and The Age, 14–15 November.

"Weekender" is part of a new series of works by the artist. The paintings will be on show in the N\H Project Space from 18-21 November.

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Caroline Zilinsky wins a second major 2020 art prize—the Evelyn Chapman Art Award

4 November 2020

Caroline Zilinksy is celebrating her second major art prize win this year. She's just been announced as winner of the Evelyn Chapman Art Award with her painting Heiress to the Pied Piper, 2020. In May this year Caroline also won the preeminent portrait prize for women artists, the Portia Geach Memorial Award.

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