18 June 2020

Matthew Quick is an artist who masterfully layers meaning—not only are the works a unique amalgamation of the tradition of landscape painting and surrealism, they are imbued with metaphors and stories. 

This Used to Be the Future is a unique vision that recontextualizes the past into the artist’s alternative future. Epic smokestacks of the Industrial Revolution—architecturally beautiful in their simplicity and engineering—are now obsolete in a world far more concerned with carbon emissions than ever before. The once-powerful symbol of empire and commerce is now maligned to an instrument of Armageddon.

In this 1 minute video, Luke Campbell offers a key into a significant work by acclaimed Melbourne artist, Matthew Quick.


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BRETT WHITELEY — Graphics and Drawings

25 June 2020

Currently on show at Nanda\Hobbs is a exceptional collection of 23 works on paper (graphics and drawings) by Brett Whiteley.

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Louis Pratt | The Space Between Us

22 June 2020

Louis Pratt’s renowned innovation in sculpture delves deep into the nature of human physicality in this series of four interrelated bronze dancers. He points to the beauty and complexity that exists in a world that is challenging the nature of our relationships with one another.

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Major public sculpture commission by James Rogers

22 June 2020

A monumental abstract, painted steel sculpture composed of 52 hand-cut, long, curved strips of steel by Walcha artist James Rogers has been installed at the junction of the New England and Gwydir Highways through Glen Innes. 

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