Kathrin Longhurst "Memories of a childhood in the shadow of the wall" by Steve Meacham, SMH 07/05/2021

11 May 2021

Journalist Steve Meacham writes about Kathrin Longhurst—her childhood behind the wall in Soviet East Berlin and the memories she draws upon in her latest exhibition, Indoctrinated.

“I was brainwashed when we left the DDR,” she says. “East Berlin was all I knew. I only realised how bland, drab and grey the DDR was once we’d left. I had to relearn history, geography… I had no idea Stalin had killed millions of his own countrymen. My grandparents took us to the Soviet war memorial as a Sunday outing.”

Longhurst’s 18 works in Indoctrinated are based on childhood photographs, historical photographs and re-enactments of important moments in her early life.

Some emulate the figurative propaganda beloved by dictatorships of both the left and right.

Others echo Longhurst’s holiday snapshots, spent at holiday camps available only to members of the Free German Trade Union.

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NH Event

ADAM CULLEN—Ned Kelly, Judges, Divas and other things

21 September 2021

We are pleased to offer a rare collection of Adam Cullen works featuring Ned Kelly, judges, divas and other things. 

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Loribelle Spirovski wins Manning Naked & Nude Art Prize

31 August 2021

Sydney artist Loribelle Spirovski is the 2021 winner of the Naked & Nude Art Prize at the Manning Regional Art Gallery for her painting, Moving House, judged by acclaimed artist and 2014 winner of the prize, Wendy Sharpe.

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