Mitchell Ferrie — Opening Old Wounds

27 July 2022

We're excited to present OPENING OLD WOUNDS—a new exhibition by Sydney-based sculptor Mitchell Ferrie on show in the N\H Project Space from 28 July to 13 August.

Beneath the devil-may-care veneer, Mitchell Ferrie is ruled by passion. He has worn and inked many skins: lover, craftsman, rock and roll singer, friend, ratbag, artist. He has thrown himself at life, hard.

In Opening Old Wounds, the artist is everywhere. These works are not objects, they are traces. Battle scars. This is memetic purging, a gallery of horcruxes. Encased in every piece of stone is a piece of life, captured and released. Let go.   — Kate Britton


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21 March 2023
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James Rogers wins the 2023 Sculpture by the Sea Acquisitive Award, Cottesloe

6 March 2023

Congrulations to James Rogers - winner of the $60,000 Acquisitive Award at the Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe in Perth

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