The Guardian—‘A fragment of eternity’: the mesmerising murmurations of Europe’s starlings

12 June 2022

The Guardian's Andrew Stafford interviews Søren Solkær — best known for his portraits of international musicians and artists—about his latest artistic project BLACK SUN. Soren talks about his longtime fascination of starling murmurations, theories behind this extraordinary natural phenomenon and the locations travelled to document the birds. Images of the works and beautiful video content is included in the article...


“It’s such an ephemeral sensation. You know that it’s happening right now, in a second it’s gone and it will never come back, and I find that really fascinating. It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever tried. It can compete with seeing Arcade Fire or Amy Winehouse on a big stage at Glastonbury and being on stage with them – I think this is equally exciting.” Søren Solkær


2022 Darling Prize finalists—Renata Pari-Lewis, Caroline Zilinsky

18 June 2022

Congratulations to our finalists in the National Portrait Gallery's 2022 Darling Portrait Prize...Renata Pari-Lewis and Caroline Zilinsky

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NH Event

We're Hiring

16 June 2022

GALLERY MANAGER —We're looking for an experienced, energetic and results-driven individual to manage our Sydney gallery.

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blak douglas wins the the 2022 Archibald Prize

13 May 2022

Congratulations to five-time finalist Blak Douglas for winning the 2022 Archibald Prize with his portrait of fellow artist and friend, Wiradjuri woman, Karla Dickens. 


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