Katherine Hattam

Born 1950
Lives and works in Melbourne

Artist's CV

Melbourne-born artist, Katherine Hattam, is celebrated for her distinctive and introspective approach to art—an evocative fusion of painting, drawing, and collage, culminating in an intricate visual language that has left an indelible mark on Australia’s contemporary art scene. 

Hattam's practice reflects a lifelong commitment to the visual language she first cultivated in her early years, crafting small observational drawings that evolved into large sheets of cartridge paper. Throughout her career, Hattam has exhibited extensively, earning recognition for her profound contributions to Australian art. 

Deeply rooted in a personal exploration of identity, memory; Hattam expertly pursues an interplay of vibrant colours, symbolic imagery, and layered textures that delve into complexities of our own humanity. As a seasoned artist, her work continues to resonate with a diverse audience. Her presence in numerous public and private collections, including the National Gallery of Australia and Heide Museum Of Modern Art, underscores the enduring impact of her creative vision. 

Hattam's influence extends beyond Australia, having served as an Australia-China Fellow with a studio at the Beijing Art Academy. She was a winner of the Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, and a finalist in the Archibald and Sulman Prizes in 2022 and 2023, she has been short-listed multiple times in the Dobell Drawing Prize, the National Works on Paper Prize, and the Len Fox and Arthur Guy Prize. 

Hattam has a remarkable ability to transcend the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums, offering a profound reflection on the intersection of the personal, universal and cross-generational. She challenges us to confront and embrace the intricacies of our own age and emotional landscapes.

\ Artworks

Funny Weather 2

2023 \ Mixed media on linen \ 165 x 120cm

My First Phone Number

2021-2023 \ Mixed media on linen \ 125x165cm

One Way

2021 \ Mixed media on board \ F. 44 x 32cm

Our Swans Are Black

2023 \ Mixed media on linen \ 125 x 165cm

Real Time World

2023 \ Mixed media on linen \ 120 x 122cm

Turtle Beach

2023 \ Mixed media on linen \ 165 x 125cm

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NH Event


18 January 2024

Nanda\Hobbs is proud to present our Summer Exhibition, and the first show of 2024, “Beautiful Things”. Far from conventional, this exhibition is testament to the nuanced complexities inherent in the diverse voices of contemporary art.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Katherine Hattam


Group Exhibition

18 January — 3 February 2024

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