Group Exhibition

18 January — 3 February 2024

Nanda\Hobbs is proud to present our Summer Exhibition, and the first show of 2024, “Beautiful Things”. Far from conventional, this exhibition is testament to the nuanced complexities inherent in the diverse voices of contemporary art. The titular concept challenges viewers to perceive beauty not as a static construct, but as a dynamic, ever-evolving dialogue between artist and subject.

Here, the provocative strokes of Adam Cullen converse with the meditative softness of Hubert Pareroultja’s landscapes. Jun Chen’s energetic flora engages in visual discourse with Suzanne Archer’s environmental reflections, diverging from what we might immediately consider “beautiful”. James Powditch’s use of recycled materials, rusted from age and use, calls into question aesthetic standards of beauty. The works, expertly selected, weave together disparate threads of style, medium, and intention—an inquiry into the ways artists navigate and subvert established notions of beauty.

“Beautiful Things” is an homage to the perpetual quest for meaning and aesthetic significance in art. This is not a proclamation of absolute truths, but an invitation to join an ongoing discourse where beauty emerges as a subjective negotiation between artist and observer. Patrons are not merely spectators but active contributors to the age-old questions: How do we define what is beautiful? How does the artist challenge beauty as an aesthetic discipline?

Carefully selected secondary market and blue-chip works establish a fluid narrative, bridging the traditional and the contemporary. We are encouraged not just to witness, but to unravel the intricate threads that connect us to these beautiful things, in a way that is both complex and unapologetic. 

Anthea Mentzalis
January, 2024


\ Exhibition featured works

Dianne Gall

Blue moon fire heart

2023 \ Oil on linen, framed \ 61 x 61.5cm

Aaron Kinnane

Chop wood, carry water V

2023 \ Oil on linen \ 54 x 58cm


Peter Booth

Drawing (Figure in rocky landscape)

c.1989 \ Pastel on paper, framed \ 15 x 27cm image size

Lin Onus

Fish in brackish water

Mixed media on paper, framed \ 27 x 63cm image size

Hubert Pareroultja

Ghost Gums, West MacDonnell Ranges

2023 \ Acrylic on linen \ 182.5 x 243.5cm

Nicholas Blowers

Lost in a wood II

2023 \ Oil on canvas \ 147 x 207cm

James Powditch

Medicine Box

1989 - 2024 \ Mixed media with light \ 51(H) x 34(W) x 31(D)

Robert Malherbe

Naked Back

2013 \ Oil on linen \ 55 x 66cm

Adam Cullen

Ned Kelly

2009 \ Acrylic on canvas \ 183 x 183cm

James Drinkwater

Nigel Milsom seated in armchair

2015 \ Oil and collage on board, framed \ 182 x 124cm

Sam Leach


2006 \ Oil and resin on linen \ 47.5x55cm (framed) 23x30cm (image size), signed verso

Katherine Hattam

Real time world

2023 \ Mixed media on linen \ 120 x 120cm

Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri

Rockholes near the Olgas

c.2008, AEBWT10-08467-08471PG \ Acrylic on linen \ 121 x 121cm

Rick Amor

The Sea II

2013 \ Oil on board \ 18 x 24cm

Suzanne Archer


2017 \ Oil on canvas \ 173 x 213 cm







Jun Chen

red bush landscape

2023 \ Oil on linen \ 136 x 200cm

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