Leslie Rice

Lives and works in Sydney

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Represented by nanda\hobbs

I was a professional tattooer for more than 10 years before attending Art school and realising everything I loved was awful.

Completing his BFA with Honours at the national Art School in 2006, Leslie Rice began to make paintings that exploited, mocked and critically examined his own questionable taste. Winning the Doug Moran National Portrait prize in 2007 (and again in 2012), he was featured in a smattering of group shows, prizes and solo shows over the next ten years. As an actor, Rice has appeared in several feature films and nationally syndicated television programs and has contributed regularly as a presenter on ABC’s arts program, The Mix. Rice has taught students studying across all levels at the National Art School since 2008. He is currently a member of the NAS Academic board and is currently studying his Doctorate.

\ Artworks

8 Seconds, Portrait of Warwick Thorton

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 220.5 x 160cm framed

As you are, we once were; As we are, you shall be

2022 \ Acrylic on black velvet \ Diptych 2 x panels 86 x 39cm each (unframed size)

Bacchanal (a luncheon on the grass)

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 120.5 x 150.5cm framed


2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 120 x 94.5cm framed

Can't get santa muerte (out of my head)

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 130.5 x 105cm framed

Golgotha Sunset

2022 \ Acrylic on black velvet \ 183 x 122cm unframed size

I'm with stupid (the aRTIST's Hand)

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 32 x 37.5cm


Isabel de flores, st rose of lime

2021 \ acrylic on velvet \ 78.5 x 64cm framed

Self Portrait, Exercising Patience

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 227 x 166cm


Servitude (Doopity-do what you Must)

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 78.5 x 64cm


Sweet Zombie Jesus.

2022 \ Acrylic on black velvet, framed \ 67 x 47cm unframed size

The heroic deeds of brave St. George, Great Matyr

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 150.5 x 120.5cm framed

the Rest of St.John, Baptist

2021 \ Acrylic on velvet \ 130.5 x 105cm framed

\ News

NH Event


13 December 2022

In this collection are available artworks from this year’s solo gallery program; some that were not released at the time—all great examples from our talented stable.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Leslie Rice


Group Exhibition

29 February — 16 March 2024

Sydney Contemporary

Caroline Zilinsky, Nicholas Blowers, Leslie Rice & David Fairbairn

7 September — 11 September 2022

Leslie Rice

Disco/iNFERNO (Redux)

21 October — 30 October 2021


Group Exhibition

14 August — 28 August 2021

Leslie Rice


22 June — 10 July 2021

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