Marie Mansfield

\ Winner of the 2021 Portia Geach Memorial Award

Lives and works in Sydney

Artist's CV

Marie Mansfield’s work is observational. Whether her subject is a landscape, a person or a still life, her intention is to catch a moment that tells a story.  As a tonalist, the artist uses a subdued, limited palette to evoke an emotive response, drawing on everyday objects, situations and environments. Mansfield’s interest involves presenting a scene that implies human interaction within a landscape but without human presence. By leaving a trace of energy, Mansfield invites the viewer to interpret her often calm, melancholic or amusing narratives.  

Mansfield was awarded the Portia Geach Memorial Award in 2021. She has also been a finalist in some of Australia’s leading art prizes including the Archibald and Percival Prize as well as a multiple finalist in the Moran Prize, the Kilgour Prize, and the Shirley Hannan. In 2017, she was the recipient of the Toni Fini Artists Prize in the Black Swan. She has also been in the Mosman Art Prize, the EMSLA, STILL, NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize and the Tattersalls Art Prize. Her residencies include Bundanon 2019 and The Wollemi Project 2021.

\ Artworks


Oil on board, framed \ 41 x 51cm

Near Ruebens Trail

2022 \ Oil on board, framed \ 41 x 51cm

Quiet Days

2021 \ Oil on board \ 70 x 60cm

The Road Home, Widden Valley

2022 \ Oil on board, framed \ 41 x 51cm

The last motel in town, drapes

2022 \ Oil on board \ 40 x 35cm


2021 \ Oil on board \ 70 x 60cm

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NH Event

2023 Archibald, Wynne + Sulman finalists announced

27 April 2023

Congratulations to Nanda\Hobbs artists—James Powditch, Marie Mansfield and Kim Leutwyler who are all Archibald finalists with Powditch also selected for the Wynne Prize.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Marie Mansfield

Marie Mansfield


8 November — 24 November 2023

Marie Mansfield


11 October — 29 October 2022

Marie Mansfield


17 November — 27 November 2021

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