Mark Schaller

Born 1962
Lives and works in Melbourne

Represented by nanda\hobbs

"I think that's an important part of painting or works of art—they have to be humanistic. There has to be a human part in it."

Mark Schaller studied fine arts at the Victorian College of the Arts and became a founding member of the renowned Roar Studios in the early 1980s.

Schaller has limitless curiosity and is highly inventive in his selection of materials and his work practices. As Schaller points out, "When I paint, everything else becomes irrelevant. There's no one to tell you what's right or wrong. You can be irrational or rational, emotional or not emotional, sober or conservative. You can be all these things." As we navigate through turbulent times, Schaller provides us with a refreshing, often irreverent, view of ourselves—which is surely salutary.

\ Artworks

Abandon Mining Town

2012 \ Oil on linen \ 137x183


Bush turkey

2012 \ Watercolour \ 35x50cm


2011 \ Watercolour \ 35x50cm

Open Cut Mine, Pilbara II

2012 \ Oil on linen \ 137x183cm


Open cut mine, Pilbara

2011 \ Oil on linen \ 137x183cm


Pilbara with bush turkey II

2012 \ Oil on linen \ 137x183cm


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