Renata Pari-Lewis

Born 1975, Czechoslovakia
Lives and works in Sydney

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs


Growing up in Czechoslovakia I inherited a strong cultural tradition which remains central to my artistic expression. 

Renata Pari-Lewis studied fine art in London before completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (printmaking) and a Master of Fine Arts (drawing) at the National Art School, Sydney.

Interested in exploring the images and cultural references that have survived the personal transition from her childhood, Renata addresses notions of home, cultural identity, tradition and the estrangement from these through visual art.

Moving to London in her teens and then moving to Australia in her twenties, she became fascinated with the relationship between stories and characters, their emotional landscape, and the physical landscapes they exist in. This extends to the theatre, the gallery, the cinema or the novel – all these are constructed spaces that both carry cultural meanings and influence the meanings being created. 

Renata's Masters project developed theatrical installations containing drawings, paintings, soft sculptures and found objects. Over the last decade however, her focus has moved to painting and mixed media. The spaces previously filled with human presence have become people-less. Not unlike theatre, her pictures become sets in which inanimate objects move and interact; an exploration of still life and landscape painting and the points at which they intersect.

Rather than depicting landscape per se, Renata's intention is always to find the way a particular physical environment, be it interior or exterior, natural or constructed, shapes the emotional experience. Her challenge is to push the boundaries of what can be translated from the particular to the general, the personal to the universal.


\ Artworks


2020 \ Acrylic on board \ 60 x 75cm


Harmony in red

2022 \ Acrylic on polyester \ Framed: 158 x 125.5



2022 \ Acrylic on polyester \ Framed: 164 x 129cm


Spring Harmony

2022 \ Acrylic on polyester \ 154 x 110cm

Us Versus them

2018 \ Acrylic on board \ 60 x 75cm

What are we in the shadow of trees

2022 \ Acrylic on canvas \ 166 x 121cm

\ News

NH Event


13 December 2022

In this collection are available artworks from this year’s solo gallery program; some that were not released at the time—all great examples from our talented stable.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Renata Pari-Lewis

Renata Pari-Lewis

familiar, unfamiliar

4 May — 21 May 2022


Group Exhibition

14 August — 28 August 2021

9 x 5"

Group Exhibition

22 January — 6 February 2021


Group Exhibition

16 December 2020 — 16 January 2021

Renata Pari-Lewis


24 November — 5 December 2020

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