Robert Hollingworth

Born 1947
Lives and works in Melbourne

Constellations are symbolic of our mythologies, beliefs and changing cultures.

Robert Hollingworth holds a Master of Fine Arts from RMIT University. His contemplative paintings of intergalactic scenes are incursions into the unknown. The expansive nature and the infinite possibilities of the astral night sky are metaphors for human longing.

The cosmos forms the background of Hollingworth’s work, into which he positions new star constellations. Hollingsworth’s ‘images in the stars’ represent cellphones, the pc mouse, oil rigs, the Apple Mac symbol and maps of rising superpowers—our new priorities.

\ Artworks

New Constellations- The Oil Rig

2013 \ Acrylic on canvas \ 122 x 168cm

\ Exhibitions featuring Robert Hollingworth

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

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