Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Brave New World is the inaugural exhibition of Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary.

After 12 years as Art Equity, directors Raj Nanda and Ralph Hobbs decided it was time to change the gallery name to reflect their dedication to development and expansion of the contemporary art base. This exhibition embodies the Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary ethos and our vision.  

The visual arts have always played an important part in the biography of nations. Artworks remain long after the artists pass, and their vision contributes vitally to our understanding of the how and why of our lives. Australia’s cultural shift and the ensuing identity discourse are of profound importance to the future of this nation.

The Brave New World exhibition brings together, in Sydney, the array of outstanding artists represented by Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary. It is our artists who are on the frontline, shaping our future while recognising the foundations of the past.

Needless to say, your access to Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary and our Brave New World is not limited by your location. We invite you to join us at

\ Exhibition featured works

Jeremy Kibel


2013 \ Mixed media on paper \ 139x103cm

Matthew Quick

Born Leader

2015 \ Oil on Italian linen \ 184x184cm


Søren Solkær

DABS MYLA Los Angeles

2013 \ Archival pigment print \ 100x150cm

Laura Matthews

Days Descent

2007 \ Oil on canvas \ 107x183cm


Kathrin Longhurst


2015 \ Mixed media on canvas, framed \ 92x122cm

James Drinkwater

Encrusting the Marvellous Heart 14

2015 \ Mixed media on paper \ 59x42cm

James Drinkwater

Encrusting the Marvellous Heart 5

2015 \ Mixed media on paper \ 59x42cm

Evening Raga

2015 \ Oil on Linen \ 138x112cm

The Connor Brothers

Every love story is a ghost story

2015 \ 19th c bastardised engraving with screenprint \ 38x33cm


Giles Alexander

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 168x152cm

Will Coles

Everything must go

2014 \ Mixed media \ 60x50x15cm


Far Nearer II

2015 \ Spray paint and acrylic on linen \ 180x120cm

Kathrin Longhurst


2015 \ Mixed media on canvas, framed \ 92x122cm


The Connor Brothers

I tried to drown my sorrow, but the bastards learned to swim

2015 \ Mixed media on canvas \ 110x75cm


Jim Thalassoudis

I’m just happy to be here

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 35.5 x 45.5 cm


Luke Cornish (ELK)


2015 \ Aerosol on Aluminium composite \ 160x110cm

Doble & Strong

Lupus Vulgaris: Cornu Cutaneum Study #2

2015 \ Gloss enamel and Irodin on chromogenic print mounted on aluminium composite board \ 178x125cm

Andrew McIlroy


2015 \ Oil on linen \ 118x130cm

Morten Lassen

Metamorphosis R

2015 \ Oil and spray on canvas \ 180x180cm

Morning Raga

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 138x112cm

Nicholas Blowers


2014 \ Oil on board \ 52x74cm


Robert Hollingworth

New Constellations- The Oil Rig

2013 \ Acrylic on canvas \ 122 x 168cm

Jonathan Dalton

On the Recognition of Fear

2015 \ Oil on board \ 55x60cm


Gria Shead


2015 \ Oil on polyester \ 92x122cm


Robert Doble

Primrose Hill

2014 \ Oil, automotive & gloss enamel on linen \ 122x122cm

James Drinkwater

Redbank Gorge II

2015 \ Mixed media on canvas \ 152X123cm


Chen Ping

Returning birds

2015 \ Oil on canvas \ 122.8x92.5cm

Wentja Morgan Napaltjarri


2011 \ Etching with Aquatint \ 72x72cm Image size

Louis Pratt

Study Ink I

2015 \ Hand carved wood, ink \ 60x11x10cm

Adam Chang

Terracotta Army No.6

2014 \ Oil on canvas \ 160x180cm


Louis Pratt

The Apple Series 666- Consumption

2015 \ Coal, gold leaf, resin \ 8x5x8cm

Louis Pratt

The Apple Series- Temptation

2015 \ Coal, gold leaf, resin \ 7x6.5x7cm

Katy Woodroffe

The moment of desire

2015 \ Acrylic and ground pigment on paper \ 148x94cm

Billy Pareroultja Tjungurrayi

Untitled AEBP14-17KM

2014 \ Acrylic on linen \ 91x122cm

Chris Booth

Warhol's test pattern, As seen on TV

2015 \ Acrylic on board \ 120x140cm

Zoë MacDonell

Wild Ruin

2015 \ Acrylic paint, pastel, charcoal, colour pencil on layers of silk and paper \ 152x126cm Framed

Will Coles

drink to get drunk

2015 \ Nickel-plated bronze \ 5x30x21cm

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