Nicholas Blowers


14 February — 25 February 2023

Born 1972, UK
Lives and works in Hobart

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Represented by nanda\hobbs

Nanda\Hobbs is proud to present an exhibition of recent paintings by Nicholas Blowers in the Project Space. Tasmanian-based Blowers is an artist at the height of his visual powers. His sellout exhibition at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair in September 2022 has marked him as one of Australia's leading landscape painters. 

Every articulated mark within Blower's practice is visually considered and tonally compelling. Central to his atmospheric landscapes is a sense of melancholy and the influence of a darker, grittier, Northern tradition.  There is an intimacy conveyed in these compositions of tangled undergrowth,  tree portraits and acid colour skies. Quiet moments in the landscape gracefully unravel themselves to the audience: it is an experience testament to the artist's long-considered observation of his subjects. Within this process of revelation, Blowers reminds us to consider the places that the world has forgotten or never found.


\ Exhibition featured works

Nicholas Blowers

Lake St Clair, Tree Collapse

2022 \ Oil on canvas \ 105.5 x 115.5cm

Nicholas Blowers

Morning Blues

2022 \ Oil on canvas \ 140 x 184cm


Nicholas Blowers

Pond Reflections

2021 \ Oil on board \ 30 x 35cm


Nicholas Blowers


2022 \ Oil on canvas \ 122 x 150cm


Nicholas Blowers

Winter Corpse

2023 \ Oil on canvas \ 140 x 184cm


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