Nicholas Blowers

\ Represented by Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2017

Born 1972, UK
Lives and works in Hobart

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs

Through intense examination of the landscape, Blowers reconstructs microenvironments twig by twig, leaf by leaf. The result is a unique interpretation that allows the artist to showcase his highly refined skills as a painter.

Nicholas Blowers works predominantly within the medium of painting, with landscape figuring as a fundamental preoccupation.

Blowers is a subtle commentator. He is not waving a preservationist flag; he is, rather, reminding us of our inheritance. Whether conveying the mystery of undergrowth or the haunting silver-grey tones of a collapsed forest, Blowers's exquisite mirroring of the toughness intrinsic to challenged landscapes celebrates Beauty's defiance of destruction.

He has been a finalist in numerous prizes and was the winner of the Paddington Landscape prize twice (2007 and 2009) and the King's School Art Prize, 2007. Before coming to Australia Blowers completed a BA Hons in Fine Art at Southampton Institute, 1991–94. He is represented in the Parliament House collection, Newcastle Art Gallery, Artbank and Macquarie Bank.

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\ Artworks

Corrugated Fence Line, Tree Form III

2009 \ Oil on canvas \ 100.5 x 100.5cm

Lake Debris Study 1

2017 \ Oil on 640gsm paper \ 75x100cm


Lake Debris Study II

2017 \ Oil on 640gsm paper \ 75x100cm


Lake Gordon Relic II

2017 \ Oil on canvas \ 183x244cm

Lakebed Ruin

2017 \ Oil on canvas \ 164x204cm


Pond Alchemy

Oil on canvas \ 141x150cm

Pond Requiem

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 164 x 204cm


Savage Ponds

2016 \ Oil on canvas \ 162x190cm


bone tree

2017 \ Oil on canvas \ 174x204cm


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Director's Picks From the Stockroom

31 July 2019

Some exceptional works that have recently come to the gallery have been selected for special viewing by our Art Director.  Artist include: Ben Quilty, Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett), Jun Chen, Nicholas Blowers and Chen Ping.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Nicholas Blowers

Nicholas Blowers

Pond Requiem: Unstable Landscapes from Savage River

4 July — 20 July 2019

Landscape Obscura

Group Exhibition

21 February — 9 March 2019

Summer Show

Group Exhibition

5 December — 22 December 2018

Summer Exhibition

Group Exhibition

6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Nicholas Blowers

Deadwood Shallows

23 February — 10 March 2017

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Nicholas Blowers

Savage River

4 August — 14 August 2015

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