Morten Lassen | New works on paper

23 November 2021

Morten Lassen is an artist who challenges us to see the world differently. He draws our attention to the intangible realm of cyberspace—encouraging us to consider our digital consumption. We live in a data-filled time, where subliminal messaging saturates our content and our view becomes increasingly distorted. We find ourselves lost in an Baudrillardian hyperreality. 

Yet it is Lassen’s exploration of the digital world through his analogue practice that resonates with us so profoundly. Through his use of traditional media and raw mark making, Lassen draws our attention back to the organic—the physical world and all its beauty. Like nodes in a network, Lassen’s powerful gridlines act as a matrix reconnecting and binding humanity. Viewing Lassen’s works, his lines and layers of paint remind us of the layers of history in our ever-changing landscape.




NH Event

Marie Mansfield exhibition | AS IT IS

17 November 2021

We are thrilled to present the 2021 Portia Geach Prize winner, Marie Mansfield in the Nanda\Hobbs Project Space with As It Is—on show until 27 November

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Jonathan Dalton feature in Art Collector magazine

16 November 2021

An extensive article about Jonathan Dalton's current exhibition This brutal, muted serenity by Luke Létourneau is featured in the current edition of Art Collector magazine.


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Congratulations to our 2021 Portia Geach Memorial Prize winner + finalists

22 October 2021

Congratulations to this year's winner of the Portia Geach Memorial Prize— Marie Mansfield who will be presenting her first show with Nanda\Hobbs from 16 - 27 November in our Project Space. Kathrin Longhurst, Caroline Zilinsky, Dee Smart and Kim Leutwyler have also been selected as finalists.

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