Nicholas Blowers Catalogue

28 November 2019


The Art of a Salon Hang

2 April 2020

The Salon hang has been around for centuries—used by major galleries and intimate collections the world over as an innovative way to engage their audience.

We bring the tricks of the trade to your house. The salon is a great way to reinvent a space without breaking the bank.

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"Autumn Trees" – A small collection of new works by Jun Chen

31 March 2020

Nanda\Hobbs is pleased to release four new works by acclaimed Australian artist, Jun Chen. The Autumn Tree paintings have all the vitality and viscosity that the artist is famous for.

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Best Buys under $8K

24 March 2020

As it's becoming increasingly tricky to get out and about at the moment, we have been delving into the stockroom for interesting artworks that won't break the bank for your home collection—or indeed your brand new "home" office!

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