Aaron Kinnane

Born 1977
Lives and works near Sydney

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs

Based in rural northern New South Wales, Kinnane is one of Australia’s most dynamic and beautiful painters who often delves into sculptural mediums to expand the conceptual breadth of his practice. He has been widely acknowledged in collections throughout the region and has been a Wynne prize finalist amongst other coveted awards.

A restless explorer in the landscape, Kinnane is constantly searching for moments in his vision that allow him to morph the landscape from the representation of place, to a more meditative landscape of the mind.  His practice is vital and visually dynamic—moving across the canvas in powerful swathes—playing with the viscosity of paint. The artist entices the audience to enter his world. 

There is a sense of vastness to Kinnane’s work.  Even smaller studies have an epic quality; larger works full of awe. He uses the landscape—setting it as a metaphor for humanity with all our concerns and possibilities. Hope and beauty pervade throughout the picture plane with a palette that is restricted, yet, vibrant when required.
Kinnane is an artist who draws on the traditions of landscape oil painting but investigates beyond the experimental best of masters such as JMW Turner from the 1800’s. Spiritually, there is a debt to the Chinese ink brush masters—the terraced Chinese landscape tradition; one that looks for order in the landscape thus creating a harmony—not only in composition but ideally, in the physical world—for the viewer.

\ Artworks

Chop wood, carry water IV

2023 \ Oil on linen \ 72 x 61cm


Chop wood, carry water V

2023 \ Oil on linen \ 54 x 58cm


Light my way home - after the rain came I

2022 \ Oil on linen \ 72 x 192cm


The Lucky Country VII

2021 \ Oil on linen \ 33 x 33cm


The Lucky Country XIII

2021 \ Oil on paper \ F. 91.5 x 72cm

The cool cool river 2

2022 \ Oil on canvas \ 160 x 210cm

\ News

NH Event


18 January 2024

Nanda\Hobbs is proud to present our Summer Exhibition, and the first show of 2024, “Beautiful Things”. Far from conventional, this exhibition is testament to the nuanced complexities inherent in the diverse voices of contemporary art.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Aaron Kinnane


Group Exhibition

18 January — 3 February 2024

Aaron Kinnane


29 September — 15 October 2022


Group Exhibition

14 August — 28 August 2021

9 x 5"

Group Exhibition

22 January — 6 February 2021


Group Exhibition

21 January — 6 February 2021


Group Exhibition

16 December 2020 — 16 January 2021


Group Exhibition

10 September — 15 September 2019

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