Chris Booth

Lives and works in Brisbane

Artist's CV

Booth uses nostalgia to look at the way we visually communicate now. The themes of longing and anticipation are still there but in the "selfie" generation it is shared with everyone.

Chris Booth holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Ceramic Design major from Monash University, Melbourne. This background in object design may be detected in his works, which often have a raised surface and a three-dimensional presence.

Having spent much of his childhood reading Tintin comics, Booth's love of cartoons, graphic novels and 1950s storybooks strongly influences his work. Distancing himself from the 'high art' Pop genre made famous by Warhol and Lichtenstein, Booth embraces the 'low brow'. Describing his work as “Lichtenstein goes to Osaka”, Booth reanimates Japanese anime, inspired by the 'super-flat' movement led by artists such as Takashi Murakami.

Booth's ability to evoke a sense of movement and sound is peremptory; his works point to the possibility of revisiting the possibilities of our childhood.

\ Artworks

Aiko No.5, study

2015 \ Acrylic on board \ 60x60cm

Oh Roy

2015 \ Acrylic on board \ 150x150cm


2015 \ Acrylic on board \ 60x60cm

Ten days of perfect tears, Study No. 3

2012 \ Gouache on watercolour paper \ 72x72cm FRAMED

Test Pattern No.1

2015 \ Acrylic on board \ 120x120cm

The Archer, study

2015 \ Gouache on watercolour paper \ 105x118cm

Thwack!!! No.4

2012 \ Acrylic on board \ 120x120cm


Warhol's test pattern, As seen on TV

2015 \ Acrylic on board \ 120x140cm

\ Exhibitions featuring Chris Booth

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Chris Booth

Super-Pop MK4

16 July — 1 August 2015

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