Floria Tosca

Lives and works in Sydney

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Represented by nanda\hobbs

Floria Tosca was born in Seoul and moved to Australia as a young child. She studied medicine and music, and worked as a doctor for many years before deciding to study at the National Art School in Sydney.

Tosca's practice, which encompasses painting, drawing and animation illuminates the dualities of existence; strength and fragility, the beautiful and grotesque, life and death. She was raised in a rural setting that nourished her communion with the natural world and with her training in medicine she possesses a sensitivity to our impact upon the environment, as well as nature’s place in our psyche. This complex relationship of the organic and human footprint often plays out in her compositions with what is mythical, bizarre or overlooked.

\ Artworks

Fungi group with Third Eye Truffle

2023 \ Pencil on paper \ 110 x 77cm

V.Dentata (female)

2023 \ pencil on paper \ 77 x 55cm

\ News

NH Event

Floria Tosca "Future Pagan" on show in the Project Space

25 May 2023

We're thrilled to present 'Future Pagan'—a beautiful new body of work by Sydney artist, Floria Tosca

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\ Exhibitions featuring Floria Tosca

Floria Tosca

Future Pagan

25 May — 10 June 2023

Floria Tosca

My Anthropocentric Wunderkammer

6 May — 21 May 2022

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