Kirsty Neilson

Born 1987
Lives and works in Sydney

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs

There is an obsessive intensity to the painting practice of Kirsty Neilson. Her celebrated career to date as a portrait painter¾including being a three times finalist in the Archibald Prize (most notably with her 2021 portrait of Australian of the year, Grace Tame)¾has been marked with laser-like technical precision. Her inclusion in other major awards¾the Darling Portrait Prize, and the Portia Geach Memorial Award in recent years¾with works that celebrate those championing social justice goes to the heart of her commitment to a more equitable world.

Throughout Neilson’s career, the counterpoint to the rigours of realist portraiture has been a joyously expressive landscape oeuvre. Created en plein air from the desert to the pastoral, she has immersed herself in the landscape. 

\ Artworks

The Dam

2022 \ Oil on board \ 137 x 111.5cm

The Dam 1

2022 \ Oil on board \ 40 x 30cm


The thistle

2022 \ Oil on board \ 40 x 50cm


the Dam 3

2022 \ Oil on board \ 40 x 30cm


the Still of the day

2022 \ Oil on board \ 40 x 50cm


\ News

NH Event


13 December 2022

In this collection are available artworks from this year’s solo gallery program; some that were not released at the time—all great examples from our talented stable.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Kirsty Neilson

Landscape and Memory

Group Exhibition

2 September — 23 September 2023

Kirsty Neilson

My Giverny

15 June — 2 July 2022

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