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Loribelle Spirovski attended the College of Fine Arts at the University of NSW, graduating in 2012 with a degree in Art Education. Her painting practise works in the interstices between the human figure and space, movement and stillness. Working in a number of simultaneous styles, her work spans traditional portraiture, surrealism and pop art that marries dark and light themes in a single experimental practice.  

With nods to historical figures such as de Chirico, Dali and Bacon, Spirovski paints a fragmented world, reflecting the anxieties defining the present age while never relinquishing a sense of hope for the future. 

"The spaces that we find ourselves in can have profound effects on our feelings, thoughts and actions, even as we are agents within that space, shaping and changing it to suit our needs. This dialogue between space and occupant is always something that has interested me, particularly as someone for whom migrating from one country - one space - to another has had a profound effect."

\ Artworks

Homme 109

2018 \ Acrylic and oil on linen \ 123 x 112cm


Memory Place 2

2020 \ Oil and acrylic on linen \ 152 x 183cm

Post-internet painting #1

2020 \ Acrylic and oil on linen \ 152 x 122cm

Post-internet painting #2

2020 \ Acrylic and oil on linen \ 152 x 122cm

Post-internet painting #3

2020 \ Acrylic and oil on linen \ 152 x 122cm

Post-internet painting #6

2020 \ Acrylic and oil on linen \ 152 x 122cm

The Man from Brescia

2018 \ Acrylic and oil on linen \ 122 x 92cm


\ News


Loribelle Spirovski wins Manning Naked & Nude Art Prize

31 August 2021

Sydney artist Loribelle Spirovski is the 2021 winner of the Naked & Nude Art Prize at the Manning Regional Art Gallery for her painting, Moving House, judged by acclaimed artist and 2014 winner of the prize, Wendy Sharpe.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Loribelle Spirovski

Loribelle Spirovski

Works from the studio

22 April — 8 May 2021

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