Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett)

b. 1935 - 2013
Language: Pintupi and Ngaatjatjarra

Nyurapayia Nampitjijnpa was one of the great characters of the Kintore region, instrumental in the development of the Haasts Bluff/Kintore Women's Painting Camp in 1994.

Nyruapayia Nampitjinpa (aka Mrs Bennett) painted her mother's Dreamings, which are connected to sites at Yumarra, Wantjunga and Tjalilli rockholes near Papunya, Pukara, Ngalkinginga and Munkara rockholes. The depictions of the sand-dune country and surrounding rocky outcrops bear a relationship to the designs used for body painting during the inma ceremonial dance. Deeply concerned with women's culture, her designs often depict women's ceremonies and rituals. The gathering of bush tucker such as kampurarrpa (desert raisin) and quandong are also central themes.

Mrs Bennett favoured strong contrasts, using blacks and pale yellows/creams set in relief against, often, a red ground. Her acclaimed work is included in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of NSW, the Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, the National Gallery of Victoria, Artbank and in corporate and private collections internationally.


Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett) sings her etchings 

\ Artworks

Mrs Bennett Suite (six etchings)

2010 \ Etching: sugarlift, aquatint \ 28x18cm image size, each

Untitled (AEMRSB200939-JJC59SY)

Acrylic on linen \ 122 x 305cm

Untitled (MRSB16/2007BPG)

2007 \ Acrylic on linen \ 152.5 x 121.5cm


Cat No: JJC98 \ Acrylic on linen \ 74.5 x 59cm



Cat No: MRSB201009 \ Acrylic on linen \ 74.5 x 59cm



2008 \ Cat No: MRSB200831 \ Acrylic on linen \ 112 x 35.5cm


2009 \ Cat No: AEMRSB200939-JJC59SY \ Acrylic on linen \ 122 x 305cm



Cat No: AEMRSB120AD \ Acrylic on linen \ 74 x 59cm

Untitled AEMRSB01

Acrylic on linen \ 71x56cm


Untitled AEMRSB02

Acrylic on linen \ 71x56cm


Untitled AEMRSB59KM

Acrylic on linen \ 91x121cm

Untitled AEMRSB9734GR

Acrylic on linen \ 122x153cm

\ News

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Director's Picks From the Stockroom

31 July 2019

Some exceptional works that have recently come to the gallery have been selected for special viewing by our Art Director.  Artist include: Ben Quilty, Bill Whiskey Tjapaltjarri, Nyurapayia Nampitjinpa (Mrs Bennett), Jun Chen, Nicholas Blowers and Chen Ping.

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