Stephanie Eather

Lives and works in Melbourne

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Represented by nanda\hobbs

Since 2008, observational drawing has been the essence of her art practice with the studio interior being a constant subject. In 2019, Eather began travelling to regional Victoria and New South Wales to connect with her family history, and to immerse herself in environments, experiences and spaces shared by her ancestors. Core to her practice, Eather engages in the alchemy of making willow charcoal by hand; all drawings are made from the local willow trees cut, peeled, chopped and roasted in the open fire. Working with handmade charcoal on paper aligns with her compulsion to glide across the page, encouraging an autonomous line with which she imprints her autobiographical mark.


Eather is dedicated to mimetic drawing and considers drawing an avenue of internal and physical ‘excavation’; the physicality of ‘sculpting’ a flat surface induces cultivation for internal contemplation. Her work is autobiographical, and drawing is used as her process of mental and emotional circulation.

\ Artworks

For the love of comradery

2019 \ Charcoal on paper \ 140cm x 100cm

Money for nothing

2019 \ Charcoal on paper \ 140 x 185cm

Show Me an Angel and I Will Paint One

2019 \ Charcoal on paper \ 140cm x 100cm

To Adjust

2019 \ Charcoal on paper \ 76 x 56cm


To Engage

2020 \ Charcoal on paper \ 76cm x 56cm


To Wind

2020 \ Charcoal on paper \ 76 x 56cm

To clip II

2019 \ Charcoal on paper \ 76 x 56cm

\ Exhibitions featuring Stephanie Eather

Stephanie Eather

From Vernon Terrace

7 February — 24 February 2024

Landscape and Memory

Group Exhibition

2 September — 23 September 2023

Stephanie Eather

West of the Kiewa

17 March — 1 April 2021

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