Tony Mighell

Lives and works in Sydney

Artist's CV

Tony Mighell studied in various Melbourne art schools in the seventies including the Victoria College of the Arts then journeyed to the New York Studio School.

The studio assistant for the Australian modernist Roger Kemp, Mighell was involved in the infamous Melbourne group of artists in the early eighties, Roar Studios.

He coordinated the painting studio at the art school in Launceston, Tasmania, working alongside Australian artists like Bea Maddock.

Moving to Sydney in 1994 after a number of exhibitions in Melbourne, Mighell developed a sought-after reputation installing art exhibitions which led to him being the Head of Installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

Whilst always maintaining his art practice, Mighell moved on from the MCA in 2015 and refocused on his painting and drawing.

Since then, he has held regular solo exhibitions and been involved in various group exhibitions.

\ Artworks


2023 \ Oil on canvas (Framed) \ 155.5 x 140cm

Counterpoint 4

2022 \ Oil on board, framed \ 135 x 122cm

Counterpoint: city

2022 \ Oil on linen, framed \ 152 x 137.5cm

Counterpoint: silence

2022 \ Oil on board, framed \ 122 x 109cm

Diffund 1

2022 \ Oil on cardboard, framed \ 61.5 x 50.5cm

Fractured weave

2023 \ Oil on canvas (Framed) \ 140.5 x 124.5cm

Large web

2023 \ Oil on canvas (Framed) \ 140.5 x 124.5cm

Ruff warp

2023 \ Gouache on paper \ 73.5 x 91.5cm


2021 \ Oil on linen \ 153 x 137cm

Small web

2023 \ Oil on canvas (Framed) \ 77.5 x 77.5cm

Warp strain

2023 \ Gouache on paper \ 64.5 x 85.5cm

Zen warp

2023 \ Gouache on paper \ 64.5 x 85.5cm

\ News

NH Event


13 December 2022

In this collection are available artworks from this year’s solo gallery program; some that were not released at the time—all great examples from our talented stable.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Tony Mighell


Group Exhibition

17 July — 27 July 2024

Tony Mighell

warp and weft

28 November — 16 December 2023

Landscape and Memory

Group Exhibition

2 September — 23 September 2023


Zoë MacDonell, Tony Mighell & Dianne Gall

9 November — 26 November 2022

Tony Mighell


1 December — 11 December 2021

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