Adam Chang

Salvador Dali

Oil on linen

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\ Other works by Adam Chang

Andy Warhol

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 140x160cm


Chinese Zodiac - Pig

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 160x140cm

Portrait of Ai Weiwei (A)

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 160x140cm

Salvador Dali

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 140x160cm


Shan Shui with Panda 1703

2017 \ Oil on canvas \ 150 x 120cm


Shan Shui with Panda 1808

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 110 x 90cm


Terracotta Army No.6

2014 \ Oil on canvas \ 160x180cm


Terracotta Army with Horse No.3

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 180x250cm


Tibetan Girl in Purple

2017 \ Oil on linen \ 110x130cm


Xi Jinping

2018 \ Oil on canvas \ 320 x 280cm

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