Adam Chang

Born 1960
Lives and works in Sydney

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs

Chang's realist tonal canvases have a monumental quality. Such is the magnitude of his art practice, he has profoundly influenced a generation of painters both here and in his native China.

Adam Chang was born in 1960 in Shanghai and grew up during a period marked by the excesses of the Cultural Revolution (1966–76).

Chang was a teenager when Chairman Mao died, in 1976, and the iconographic status that the Great Helmsman’s image was subsequently accorded made a strong impression on the young painter—whose talent was recognized at an early age, when he entered the Art College of Shanghai University. He graduated in 1992, having mastered the conventional realistic style of painting, and began exploring a more fluid approach to painting.

Chang moved to Australia in 1997 and after 10 years of research, discussion and experimentation arrived at a synthesis between Chinese ink painting and the expressive strength of Western art, to create a new artistic language. By using often vast canvases, a monochromatic palette and large brushes that deliver sharp-edged, delineated strokes, Chang’s heightened and dramatic visual impact meshes perfectly with the painting’s didactic and emotional subject matter.

\ Artworks

Ai Weiwei No.3

2014 \ Oil on Canvas \ 140x160cm


Andy Warhol

2014 \ Oil on Canvas \ 140x160cm


Andy Warhol

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 140x160cm


Chinese Zodiac - Pig

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 160x140cm

Portrait of Ai Weiwei (A)

2015 \ Oil on linen \ 160x140cm

Salvador Dali

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 140x160cm


Terracotta Army No. 1

2013 \ Oil on Linen \ 160x140cm


Terracotta Army No.5

2014 \ Oil on Linen \ 160x180cm


Terracotta Army No6

2014 \ Oil on canvas \ 160x180cm


Terracotta Army with Horse No.3

2016 \ Oil on linen \ 180x250cm


Tibetan Girl in Purple

2017 \ Oil on linen \ 110x130cm


\ News


Artsy headlines Adam Chang in article about Chinese symbolism, alongside works by Ai Weiwei and Chen Wenling

11 February 2019

Artsy, one of the worlds largest digital art platforms has featured Adam Chang's painting Chinese Zodiac- Pig Head as its headline artwork in its article Unpacking the Symbolism of Pigs in Chinese Art - alongside works by Ai Weiwei and Chen Wenling.

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Group Exhibition

5 December — 22 December 2018

Summer Exhibition

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6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Adam Chang

Ancient Reverie

25 August — 9 September 2016

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Adam Chang


30 October — 14 November 2014

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