Robert Doble

\ Represented by Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2015 (Stand F11)

Born 1961
Lives and works in Melbourne

Artist's CV

A Morse Code of rhythm, a Consensual Hallucination of information.

Robert Doble studied at the Chelsea School of Art, London. Subtle influences from Doble’s world permeate his powerful abstraction, explaining metaphysical themes both personally and technically with a strong reference to his English Pop heritage.

Doble's grids contain multitudes. They hum with boisterous life. We can recognise portraits of the intensity of life in a gridlocked age of electrified currents of energy and information. Colour and rhythm collide in an experiential crescendo.

Doble is represented in the National Gallery of Victoria as well as PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Rockhampton Art Gallery, the Botanical Restaurant and private collections in Australia, Japan, the UK, the USA, Italy and Spain.

\ Artworks

Fights For the Neon

2014 \ Oil, gloss enamel & automotive paint on Belgian linen \ 122cm x 122cm

\ Exhibitions featuring Robert Doble

Robert Doble


13 October — 28 October 2016

Sydney Contemporary

Giles Alexander, Louis Pratt, Robert Doble & The Connor Brothers

10 September — 13 September 2015

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Robert Doble


25 June — 11 July 2015

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