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"What is truth and what is fiction and what's it matter anyway so long as you understand the message? After all, that's probably the history of the world."

The Connor Brothers is a pseudonym for London based artists Mike Snelle and James Golding. Their work explores themes such as the nature of truth, the power of fiction, and the concept of sanity in contemporary culture. Often they invent believable fictions which are designed to fool the viewer and remind them to hold their beliefs lightly - ‘what appear to be universal truths often turn out to be little more than the convenient fictions.’ 

Tales of tricksters are rife in the stories told by almost all cultures, from Br’er Rabbit to the Viking god Loki. Characteristically, their role is to playfully challenge conventional rules and momentarily disrupt normal life, lifting the rug to force us to examine some aspect of ourselves or our culture, so that when they put it back, everything is not quite as it used to be. The Connor Brothers play this role perfectly, luring is in to their fictional world only to leave us wondering whether the real world is quite as it seems. 

The Connor Brothers work is held in private and public collections throughout the world including The Victoria & Albert Museum in London. They have exhibited in London, New York, Hong Kong, Berlin, Belgrade, Dubai, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Selected past press

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The Evening Standard / Pussy Riot backs Hackney artist’s charity to support Calais camp refugees


\ Artworks

All this happened, More or Less

2015 \ Bastardised 17th century oil painting \ 60x89cm


Brad's First Time

2017 \ Limited edition giclee print and silkscreen varnish \ 120 x 80cm \ Edition size 95


Every Saint Has A Past

2017 \ Limited edition giclee print and silkscreen varnish \ 120x77.5cm (paper size) \ Edition size 95


I Don't Want To Go To Heaven

2017 \ Hand painted vintage paperback with silkscreen, framed \ 27 x 20.5cm


I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting

2017 \ Hand painted vintage paperback with silkscreen, framed \ 27 x 20.5cm


If You've Got A Skeleton In Your Closet

2017 \ Giclee, screen print acrylic and oil and hand applied varnish on paper \ 75 x 50cm


Just One Thought

2014 \ Acrylic on Canvas \ 120x70cm


Old Fashioned Girl

2014 \ Limited edition giclee print \ 120x77.5cm \ Edition size 30


Real Excitement

2014 \ Limited edition giclee print \ 120 x 77.5cm \ Edition size 30

The Temptation of Adam

2015 \ 19th Century Bastardised Engraving with Screen print \ 38x33cm


The Truth Is Rarely Pure And Never Simple

2017 \ Giclee, screen print acrylic and oil and hand applied varnish on paper \ 170 x 100cm


The Truth Will Set You Free - David Foster Wallace

2015 \ Limited edition giclee print and silkscreen varnish \ 70 x 46cm \ Edition size 95

Yeah, Whatever

2013 \ Acrylic on canvas \ 181 x 110cm

\ News


The Connor Brothers Dupe London Art Fair Organisers with Lord Byrons Opium Pipe

23 February 2016

Truth or fiction? The Connor Brothers are at it again...this time duping London Art Fair organisers with their 'Lord Byron's opium pipe' on sale for more than £1m! 

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\ Exhibitions featuring The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers

All My Life I’ve Been a Liar and That’s the Truth

14 June — 23 June 2017

Sydney Contemporary

Giles Alexander, Louis Pratt, Robert Doble & The Connor Brothers

10 September — 13 September 2015

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

The Connor Brothers

All this Happened, More or Less

7 May — 15 May 2015

The Connor Brothers

True Romance

20 March — 5 April 2014

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