Dianne Gall

Born 1964, Adelaide
Lives and works in Adelaide

Artist's CV

Dianne Gall is an artist whose realism is evidenced in both the meticulous detail of her paintings and in the attributes of her subjects, her glamorous femme fatales. Inspired by Film Noir, Gall evokes a bygone era with all its mystery, intrigue and psychological interplay, yet her women are strident and powerful even in uncertainty.

“My paintings house that captured moment, the still image of a woman in reflected thought, a passing desire, a cherished moment flickers on the tableau of the screen that is my painted image.

"The scenes in my paintings are in essence cinematic, a frozen moment where you can believe that there was a before and there will be an after to be played out in your mind. Like at the movies you play the part of the passive voyeur however the stillness of paintings allows your gaze to linger only at the visible.”


\ Artworks

All is always now

2014 \ Oil on linen \ 122x152cm


It's Happening Again

2018 \ Oil on linen \ 122x152cm

Lost Dreamers

2020 \ Oil on linen \ 153 x 167cm



2015 \ Oil on linen (framed) \ 41x41cm


What I Dreamed

2020 \ Oil on linen \ 167 x 198cm


\ News

NH Event

Melbourne Art Fair | Viewing Room

1 June 2020

Nanda\Hobbs is delighted to be participating in the 2020 edition of Melbourne Art Fair.  Scheduled for 3 - 7 June, but postponed to February 2021, MAF have released a online viewing room to showcase represented galleries.

Nanda\Hobbs presents two exceptional artists, both with a focus on theatrical realiism—Jonathan Dalton and Dianne Gall.

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\ Exhibitions featuring Dianne Gall


Group Exhibition

16 December 2020 — 16 January 2021

Dianne Gall

Lost Dreamers

10 November — 21 November 2020


Jonathan Dalton & Dianne Gall

3 June — 7 June 2020

Summer Show

Group Exhibition

5 December — 22 December 2018

Sydney Contemporary Stand D05

Giles Alexander, Dianne Gall, Jonathan Dalton & Stuart McLachlan

13 September — 16 September 2018

Summer Exhibition

Group Exhibition

6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

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