James Rogers

Lives and works in Walcha, NSW

Artist's CV

New England based artist, James Rogers, is a poetic sculptor encapsulating a strength and fluidity of form within his vertical steel structures; standing perfectly balanced within the space they inhabit.

Light and ethereal in essence—yet solid in materiality, the recurring theme behind the work relates to the movements of nature. These works specifically have a direct connection to the sea. An energy flows through the twisted steel piping that make up his compositions. Roger’s ability with a welding gun is akin to a Chinese ink master and his brush. There is an inherent delicateness within the form, accentuated by solid ribbons of metal that anchor the work in space. Rogers is intrigued with the juxtaposition of synthesising the rhythms of nature with an implausible material. The compositional power of Roger’s work is built on a sculptor’s universal truth - the fight against gravitational pull. One work informs the next. His practice represents three decades of exhibiting history with some of the most respected galleries in the country.

Rogers is a eighteen-times finalist in Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney. He has been selected in the Wynne Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW four times. His countless public commissions—coupled with the inherent beauty of his work—has made him one of the most respected Australian sculptors working today. 

\ Artworks

Belly Flop

2020-21 \ Waxed mild steel \ 86 x 48 x 36cm



2020-21 \ Waxed mild steel \ 290 x 160 x 80cm

Cover Up

2020 \ Waxed mild steel \ 75 x 60 x 30cm


2020-21 \ Waxed mild steel \ 152 x 140 x 60cm

Elbow Room

2020-21 \ Waxed mild steel \ 98 x 55 x 34cm



2020-21 \ Waxed mild steel \ 220 x 114 x 60cm

Loopside down

2020-21 \ Waxed mild steel \ 83 x 44 x 25cm


Old Brush

2018 \ Waxed steel \ 100 x 42 x 28cm


2017 \ Waxed steel \ 235 x 122 x 75cm


2016 \ Waxed steel \ 220 x 50 x 48cm



2020 \ Waxed mild steel \ 72 x 54 x 23cm


2016 \ Waxed steel \ 138 x 48 x 46cm


2017 \ Steel \ 185 x 124 x 80cm

\ News


Major public sculpture commission by James Rogers

22 June 2020

A monumental abstract, painted steel sculpture composed of 52 hand-cut, long, curved strips of steel by Walcha artist James Rogers has been installed at the junction of the New England and Gwydir Highways through Glen Innes. 

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\ Exhibitions featuring James Rogers

James Rogers

Hard One Ground

22 April — 8 May 2021

9 x 5"

Group Exhibition

22 January — 6 February 2021


Group Exhibition

16 December 2020 — 16 January 2021


Group Exhibition

8 September — 13 September 2020


Group Exhibition

10 September — 15 September 2019

James Rogers


4 July — 20 July 2019

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