James Powditch

Lives and works in Sydney

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Represented by nanda\hobbs

James Powditch is an acclaimed mix media artist who adapts the associated memory or essence of his found objects and frankensteins them with his own to fabricate hybrid actively ‘functioning’ art forms, which in their essence objectify communication.

Akin to a scavenging Bower bird, Powditch picks out the gems and detritus of our modern world- it’s byproducts of film, text, cartography, architecture are often influences, if not physically present in his assemblages, continuing to feed Powditch’s narrative of mindfulness and self awareness. Aligning an artist’s quintessential need to make with the universal impulse to imbibe photos and objects with memories as markers of existence. 

Powditch’s wistfully beautiful artworks are the result of a steady and successful exhibiting career which has seen him as a multi finalist in the Moran, Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prize and winner of the Blake and Mosman Art Prize.

\ Artworks

Codakhrome VI

2019 \ Mixed media \ 45 x 33cm


2011 \ Mixed media \ 170 x 250cm

Made in Japan II

2009 \ Mixed media \ 146 x 95cm


2017 \ Mixed media \ 92 x 92cm


2017 \ Mixed media \ 92 x 92cm


2019 \ Mixed media assemblage \ 56 x 89cm framed


2019 \ Mixed media \ 143 x 147cm

\ Exhibitions featuring James Powditch


Group Exhibition

8 September — 13 September 2020

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