Louis Pratt

\ Represented by Nanda\Hobbs Contemporary at Sydney Contemporary 2017

Lives and works in Sydney
Finalist in the 2015 Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of NSW.

Artist's CV

Represented by nanda\hobbs

Pratt sees his art as a mirror reflecting where we are socially and historically. Sometimes the tone is reproachful but mostly his art examines the contemporary world with a sense of its beauty.

Louis Pratt graduated from the ANU School of Art in 2002 with first-class honours in sculpture. He was awarded an Australian Post-Graduate Research Scholarship from the College of Fine Art, UNSW, which he completed in 2004.

Pratt emphasises that we are in a pivotal point of history and that we need to recognise the effect technology has on our lives. His work asserts that the entire world is available for digital consumption.

Pratt’s approach to sculpture entails using a 3D scanner to transport everyday objects into the digital world. His 3D scanner and laser scanner techniques enable him to distort everyday objects, then, using rapid prototyping, to transport the reconfigured objects back into the real world, revitalised and arresting.


\ Artworks

Black Dancer

2018 \ Bronze \ 77cm(h) x 30cm (w) x 21cm (d)

Common Office Snake

2015 \ Coal, fabric, flock, resin and pigment \ 38x30x21cm

Data Blocking

2015 \ Bronze \ 48x25x15cm

David Remixed

2019, Edition of 12 \ Nylon, steel, glass and spray paint \ 36 x 12 x 10cm

Death of a Salesman

2015 \ Coal, fabric, flock, gold leaf, pigment, resin and brass-plated nail \ 67x17x16cm

Future Events

2016 \ Winner of the 2016 Tom Bass Sculpture award \ 3D Colour Resin \ 35cm h x 23cm x 24cm d \ Edition 2 of 3, Edition size: 3

King Coal

2015 \ Coal, resin, fibreglass and steel \ 172x101x119 cm


2018 \ Acrylic on board \ 93 x 60cm Framed


2015 \ Gold leaf print \ Edition size: 5 \ 50x50cm, framed


2018 \ Bronze and brass \ Edition size 7 \ 80cm high

Remastered Venus

2019, Edition of 12 \ Nylon, steel, glass and spray paint \ 34.5 x 12 x 10cm

SOL Last Rays of Ancient Sunlight

2015 \ Coal, gold leaf, resin and plywood \ 150cm diameter


2013 \ Rotothane, steel, iron powder and urethane \ 36cm high

Shadow Man Study

2018 \ Marble and bronze \ Edition size 15 \ 37x32x12cm

Silent Home

2018 \ Acrylic on board \ 78 x 94cm Framed


2017 \ Glass, aluminium and LEDs \ 45x30x23cm

The Apple Series 666- Hope

2015 \ Coal, resin, gold leaf \ 7x6.5x7cm


2012 \ Fibreglass, steel, urethane, paint and wooden base \ 180cm high

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\ Exhibitions featuring Louis Pratt


Group Exhibition

10 September — 15 September 2019

Spring Collector Exhibition

Group Exhibition

11 September — 6 October 2018

Louis Pratt


26 July — 11 August 2018

Summer Exhibition

Group Exhibition

6 December 2017 — 20 January 2018

Louis Pratt

Black Gold

3 December — 23 December 2015

Sydney Contemporary

Giles Alexander, Louis Pratt, Robert Doble & The Connor Brothers

10 September — 13 September 2015

Brave New World

Group Exhibition

18 August — 28 August 2015

Louis Pratt


18 August — 26 August 2014

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